What is the upper limit for a particular loan?

How much can I take out loan?


We all borrow money: from a few loose euros from our co-driver in front of the parking meter to a few hundred euros with family to replace a broken dishwasher or even a few tons of the bank when we take out a mortgage. The amounts of all the loans that we take out in our life, therefore, vary considerably.
How much can I borrow? To what amount can you get a mortgage? And if you need an extra when you are living on a benefit, what amount can you apply for a loan from a lender?

The individual differences for how much you can borrow are naturally large. Many information sources remain vague and it is not easy to get an idea of ​​how much you can borrow for a specific purpose in your situation. If you call on lenders, they will usually want you to fill in a detailed quote before they provide you with concrete information about a loan. And maybe you are only still orientating and you still find that all a stop too far. We are here for: We hope to help you with the examples and information on this website in the huge loan market and show you the trees again through the trees.

It is quite possible to use the practical examples to form a picture of what you can borrow as much as possible. So it is often nice if you know that for a quick loan with your personal income you should think of a maximum loan amount of 500 euros instead of a maximum lending amount of 5000 euros.
How much you can borrow depends on all sorts of important factors in which your fixed income is almost always one of the decisive factors. Then there are still considerable differences between the different types of loans and the different lenders and you also need to examine the conditions attached to loans.

So yes, the question: how much can I borrow is a bit too short in the turn. So you have to keep an eye on all sorts of factors if you want to know how much you can borrow . We give you as many examples as possible from practice, but it never happens that someone is in exactly the same situation as you. So we can tell you whether you should think of an amount of 500 rather than an amount of 5000 euros in a certain case, but we do not count for you what you can borrow to the nearest cent. This simply requires extensive information about, for example, income, living situation, credit form and the lending institution.
After reading the information, do you consider taking out a loan, but do you want to know exactly where you stand up to the euro? Fortunately, you can request quotations from various lenders for different loans. This way you can make an informed decision. 

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