The real estate loan official in detail

You are a civil servant, the real estate loan official certainly interests you, here is for you the details of this loan.

The real estate loan is a loan, granted without conditions of resources to officials and agents of the state.

What are its characteristics and conditions?

The real estate loan is a loan proposed by the Bank and allocated to state agents and officials for the purchase of a primary or secondary residence.

Who are the grantees of the grantee?

 More specifically, the beneficiaries of the real estate loan are civil servants and state employees, namely teachers, agents of public institutions such as SNCF and RATP.

The real estate loan for public servants is only awarded in addition to a Convention Loan (PC) or a Social Accession Loan (PAS).

What are the advantages ?

What makes the difference between real estate loan and other types of real estate loans are its very attractive rates and also the conditions for obtaining it, which boils down to the fact of being a civil servant or agent of the State.

How to get it?

To obtain a real estate loan for civil servants , simply contact your mutual partner Crédit Foncier de France. Banks and mutuals do not grant the real estate loan official but can inform you on the subject and sometimes accompany you in the steps for obtaining real estate loan official at the best rates.


It should be noted that some credit organizations such as the Social Credit of Officials or the CSF can facilitate your access to real estate loan official , this organization can also help you in the steps to be taken in case of dispute.

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