Take out a loan to start a business

If you want to start for yourself, you will soon notice that the costs for the benefits go out. In other words: before you can make a profit with your own (internet) company, you will have to invest. Not only in time and energy, but also in money as a rule. The amount of money you need depends on various factors, such as your own starting capital and the nature of the company you desire. Are you going to be a copywriter or bookkeeper or getting started? In the first period you usually have enough of a well-functioning computer, an internet connection and a place where you can work undisturbed. This is obviously very different when setting up your own store. To begin with, you have to have retail space (unless you set up a web store) and secondly you can only sell goods that you have first purchased.

Not everyone is blessed with a good starting capital on the bank. If you want to start your own business, you will therefore in many cases be dependent on a loan. Unfortunately, as a freelancer in the cap, it is often very difficult to get a regular loan from the bank. The BBMKB can then offer a solution.

BBMKB, what can I do with it?

The abbreviation BBMKB stands for Decision Guarantee SME Credit and is intended for self-employed persons with a liberal profession and for companies with a maximum of 250 employees. The government guarantees a part of the loan, so that the lending bank has the certainty that (a large part of) the loan will be repaid anyway. The maximum amounts that you can borrow on the grounds of the BBMKB are not exactly small: a starting entrepreneur can receive a maximum of € 266,667 in his or her account. Note: this amount must be paid back within 6 years, so do not count yourself too rich!

One exception: if the loan is intended for a building or a ship, then the maximum term of the loan is 12 years. The government stands for 67.5% deposit. Obviously, the government does not do this for nothing: the BBMKB is only intended for companies with good and healthy future prospects. Selling homemade beads via a web shop is therefore free, but probably not with a loan under the BBMKB.

Alternatives for the BBMKB

If you do not qualify for a scheme via the BBMKB and still want to start your own business, there are fortunately enough alternatives, even if the bank does not want to grant you a loan! A loan through the UWV, for example, is then a possible option.


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