Renovation loan from 2.99%

Discover our renovation loan at 2.99% , enjoy the exceptional conditions.


The loan works we offer you with multiple advantages over a conventional renovation loan.

Renovation loan: advantages

You will find, below, your advantages:

  • Financing of small and large renovations
  • Exceptionally low rate
  • Fixed rate for the entire duration
  • Decision in the day
  • Full release of funds to your account
  • No mortgage so no extra charges
  • No expertise neither before nor after the works
  • Duration up to 120 months

Ready works: representative example

Type of loan: installment loan

Duration: 84 months

TAEG: 2.99%

Monthly payment: 329.76 euros

Debtor rate: 2.99% – FIXED

Amount: 25,000 euros

Total cost: 27,699.84 euros

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Renovation ready simulator

In addition to the example below, you can perform an online job loan simulation . The rate is fixed at 2.99% whatever the amount borrowed and the duration chosen. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information.

Renovation loan: documents

When we have an agreement for your loan application, we will contact you to arrange an appointment. The day of our appointment, you will have to come to the office with the following documents:

  • Copy of both sides of identity cards
  • Last original pay slip
  • Original bank statement confirming the income on the salary sheet
  • All other income mentioned in the application
  • Original quotes signed for agreement by the contractor and yourself

Other documents may be requested depending on the decision made by the aggregation service. We will provide you with the additional documents requested during our telephone conversation.

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Can I borrow if I do not own

Unfortunately no, the work loan is only for people who own property in Belgium. If you are a tenant, you do not need to send us a loan application for a renovation loan. In this case, the only solution is to take out a personal loan .

Leon Kaplan Author