Mortgage life loan: What is it?

The mortgage life loan is a solution to borrow money through the estimation of your property.


It is a question of putting in guarantee its property in return for the sum emruntée. The borrower can use the borrowed cash as he sees fit. The money borrowed is not assigned to any specific use.

You can finance your projects like going around the world, or you pay the car of your dreams for your retirement, but also to undertake work in your home to improve and make it more comfortable.

For you even clear cash to improve your standard of living and enjoy even more life !!! Depending on the estimate of the value of your property (s), then you can get enough cash to help finance the real estate project for your children or grandchildren.

If one of your children is in debt or excessive debt, then you have the option to pay off debts and debts to avoid a mortgage purchase .

Who can benefit from the mortgage life loan?

Anyone who owns at least one property. There is no age requirement, although this solution is mostly for the senior population segment.

Some organizations such as have a life mortgage offer exclusively for over 60s. However, it should be noted that the property put in guarantee must be exclusively for residential use.

Commercial property can not be subject to a mortgage guarantee as part of a mortgage life credit . The property may be the principal residence or the second home, but also the rental residence.

There is no income requirement. To subscribe to a mortgage life loan it is not mandatory to subscribe to a covered borrower insurance.

What there is to know !

It is possible to repay by mortgage a mortgage life loan. This is subject to the payment of the compensation due to the lender according to the general and specific conditions of the offer of financing.

The property must be treated.

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