Loan for indebted person

To buy a home loan, you generally need to get closer to your banker to determine if he or she can issue a financing proposal.

 Sanitize bank accounts and reduce the debt ratio

Although nothing requires you to borrow the money needed to buy your property from your current bank, theoretically it is your banking institution that knows you best and is supposed to make the best proposal.

But to get a mortgage, you have to present a properly managed bank statement and sound budget management. Otherwise, all the conventional banks of deposits will refuse to finance you because of rates of interest. indebtedness too high.

So how to get a home loan for indebted person ?

To clean up its accounts and to reduce the household’s debt ratio means first of all to honor the correct payment of all bank levies that are scheduled to be debited on the account (s). You must also pay all monthly payments from a previously signed sales or service contract. Whether by check, TIP or cash.

It is important to pay all that one owes until the balance due because otherwise, it can involve seizures on accounts (ATD) and wages in the event of intervention of a usher or the service of contentious of any creditor.

Then, if capital has been borrowed through personal loan agreements or revolving loans, you have to repay them little by little over time. This makes it possible to no longer have monthly payments taken from the bank account and your debt ratio decreases proportionally with the amount of outstanding receivables.

Once the debts and debts have been settled, the debt ratio of the household becomes zero, ie equal to zero. As a result, you can buy a mortgage to finance your home .

Repurchase of consumer loans with mortgage

For a tenant who wants to become a homeowner and has a high debt ratio because of consumer credit subscribed, then one of the effective solutions to reduce its debt ratio up to -60%, this is consumer credit buyback loan .

This is conceivable only if the new monthly payment of the consolidated consumer credit and that of the future mortgage loan do not exceed the thirty-three percent (33%) of the debt ratio.

But there is a banking product that a credit repurchase agency distributes, and which makes it possible to subscribe a real estate loan whose financing plan includes the amount of the property acquisition and the repayment of the remaining capital due from the consumer credits, and loan work, but also revolving loans and personal loans.

The purpose of the financing concerns the acquisition of real estate in the former only. Possibilities to include in the financing of revolving loans, amortisables, bank overdrafts, private debts, the financing of works or a cash not allocated to a specific expenditure of 20.000 € maximum.

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