Negotiate your money loan

Borrowing money is done quite massively in the Netherlands. This may involve small amounts, such as a few euros that you borrow from your sister for a while to pay for the parking garage, up to two-tonne or more- for the purchase of a house. Even when it concerns a loan to start your own […]

Take out a loan to start a business

If you want to start for yourself, you will soon notice that the costs for the benefits go out. In other words: before you can make a profit with your own (internet) company, you will have to invest. Not only in time and energy, but also in money as a rule. The amount of money […]

Reimbursement of your personal loan without penalty

Almost everyone in his or her life sometimes faces the problem that there is not enough money available to fulfill a wish. This wish can vary from small to very large: a few separate euros for the parking meter to a huge amount of money for the purchase of a house . The problem with […]

Borrowing with a benefit: take out a loan with the UWV

Those who are unemployed or unfit for work are in many cases entitled to a benefit via the UWV. The UWV (abbreviation of the Implementing Agency Employees Insurance) is the body that provides WW, WIA, sickness benefits and Wajong benefits. But did you know that in some cases you may also be entitled to a […]

Calculate your consumer loan well

You want to use a consumer loan for a trip, for renovations, or simply to indulge in a few quirks, … But you do not know how to correctly calculate the value of the loan? Here are 5 tips that can help you make the right choice. Start by evaluating your cash flow In order […]