Borrowing with a benefit: take out a loan with the UWV

Those who are unemployed or unfit for work are in many cases entitled to a benefit via the UWV. The UWV (abbreviation of the Implementing Agency Employees Insurance) is the body that provides WW, WIA, sickness benefits and Wajong benefits. But did you know that in some cases you may also be entitled to a loan through the UWV?

Not for the washing machine, but for work

Borrowing with benefits at the UWV sounds easier said than done … And that’s it too. So you can not knock at the UWV because your washing machine has gone missing or because you have to pay an expensive repair to your car. Not even when you need the same car, for example, to (be able to) fulfill your application obligation. But when? Very simple: to get back to work despite illness, disability or a disability. After all, not only the benefit recipient, but also the UWV has something to do with it: when you can financially stop your own pants, you are no longer (completely) dependent on a benefit.

Take out a loan at the UWV, for whom?

You might expect that only UWV customers can qualify for a loan. Yet that is not the case. Even people who do not receive a benefit from the UWV, but for example receive assistance, are free to ask the UWV for help. This does not have to be a help in sounding currency: the UWV can also provide adjustments or aids in the workplace, such as wheelchair access, special computer equipment or braille reading glasses. With this the UWV wants to help people with disabilities or disabilities get on their way as well as possible.

Borrow with benefit: the starters’ credit

If you want to go through life as an independent entrepreneur, you can turn to the UWV for the so-called starters’ credit. This is only possible if you are not eligible for a loan from a commercial bank or lender. Borrowing with benefits is therefore less easy than you think. The start-up credit amounts to a maximum of € 34,134 and is intended to set up your own (internet) company. You must of course be able to prove that you actually need this money and to which you want to spend it. It is therefore important to write a good business plan. In this plan you explain what you want to achieve as an independent entrepreneur and how you intend to do that. Also, the work that you want to do as a self-employed person must match your skills and your (work) experience. So there is no point in applying for a starters’ credit to start studying law, if you have always worked as strawberry picker in the past.

A benefit from the UWV is not a condition to qualify for the starters credit. In this case you can also approach the UWV if you do not receive a benefit from them. However, you must then have an established illness or disability, making it difficult for you to come to a regular job. Furthermore, the disease or handicap is expected to last for at least another year and you must be able to work independently. Do you meet all these conditions and do you never get a loan from a bank or commercial lender ? Then try it through the UWV. However, you will have to take into account at all times that it is a loan and not a gift. This loan must therefore be repaid again, within 10 years after it has been received. Interest is also charged by the UWV. This interest is currently 8%.


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