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Financial institutions and banks compete fiercely so that the offers of credit are more enticing than the others. Also, being in a hurry would not cost more. Indeed, many are the credit agencies that provide a policy response in an immediate manner.

Fast credit In addition, the funds requested can be paid within 48 hours, depending on the number of supporting documents requested. If you need to have a credit quickly, it is not advisable to go to your bank. In practice, banks offer much longer timeframes than online credit agencies, which can pay the funds quickly.

What credit for which project?

In order to have a personal loan at the best rate, one must take the time to define his project, to choose the type of credit that will be most suitable. We can choose between three types of consumer credit:

  • if we already have a very well defined project and the loan amount is easily quantifiable, we should choose an assigned personal credit. In such cases, credit is only granted on presentation of invoices. This is the perfect project if you want to buy a car, for example,
  • if the project does not give the possibility to present bills to the bank, one must opt ​​for an unaffected personal credit. It is a loan that is generally used to buy non-essential goods, recreation and other things,
  • revolving credit, which is the most flexible solution and the most expensive. It is often used to meet urgent cash requirements.

Tips and tricks to speed up loan application processing

Some tips and tricks allow to have a fast credit :

  • It is possible to have a fast loan in an online bank or in a traditional bank. However, it would be simpler and more convenient if one is already a customer of the bank in question since it already has information about its identity and account history,
  • all types of loans are not obtained quickly, the quickest are conventional consumer loans and revolving credit,
  • you must first inquire about the documents to be provided. Providing them quickly will save valuable time.

Compare credits

Even if your financial needs are urgent, you must always give yourself time to compare existing offers. To do this, one can use the services of online comparators, which do not fail to present benefits. Indeed, the available offers are specific and advantageous. Also, one can mount a loan application file very quickly, by pre-filling it online. To use the services of a comparator, it is sufficient to go to the site and give all the information relating to its credit project, including the amount and the desired repayment period.


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