Mortgage life loan: What is it?

The mortgage life loan is a solution to borrow money through the estimation of your property.   It is a question of putting in guarantee its property in return for the sum emruntée. The borrower can use the borrowed cash as he sees fit. The money borrowed is not assigned to any specific use. You […]

Loan for indebted person

To buy a home loan, you generally need to get closer to your banker to determine if he or she can issue a financing proposal.   Although nothing requires you to borrow the money needed to buy your property from your current bank, theoretically it is your banking institution that knows you best and is […]

Quick loan without BKR assessment and SMS

Are you looking for quick loans within 10 minutes without BKR?   Unbelievable, I did not know that I could get money so quickly without any fuss or papers! Do you not have a salary slip? Would you like to quickly borrow money without work = take a quick loan now without paychecks! Really, the […]

All about ways to have a quick loan | ISTASE

Financial institutions and banks compete fiercely so that the offers of credit are more enticing than the others. Also, being in a hurry would not cost more. Indeed, many are the credit agencies that provide a policy response in an immediate manner. In addition, the funds requested can be paid within 48 hours, depending on […]

Personal loan, how does it work?

A personal loan is granted by a credit institution to any individual with regular income. Obtaining a loan is subject to certain conditions, in particular, the debt ratio must not exceed 33% of a household’s income.    Repayment payments are fixed, which implies that the borrower will not face any bad surprises and he will […]

Record rates for real estate loans

It is in the West, the South West and the Paris Basin that benefit most massively from the lowest mortgage rates in France, and it’s a first! A famous French real estate broker announced it not long ago: mortgage rates have fallen across the country. The credits spread over 15 and 20 years have globally […]

How to get a loan works?

Do you want to renovate your house or apartment? Do the painting again, change the tiles, renovate the bathroom, change the taps, the shower or bath, the floor of the rooms etc. are works that have a certain cost. Whether for small jobs or large jobs, it is possible to apply for a credit work […]

The real estate loan official in detail

You are a civil servant, the real estate loan official certainly interests you, here is for you the details of this loan. The real estate loan is a loan, granted without conditions of resources to officials and agents of the state. What are its characteristics and conditions? The real estate loan is a loan proposed […]

To secure a loan despite a health problem?

In France, the borrower insurance is obligatory as soon as one contracts a mortgage. However, according to the French Federation of Insurance Companies (FFSA), nearly 15% of borrowers file a membership application by declaring a health risk. How are the membership processes in these borrowers? What are the solutions for finding insurance   Bank Convention, […]

Understand personal loan online and offline

The use of a credit is sometimes essential to finance the purchase of a service (work, marriage) or a good (furniture, car, motorcycle …), to do this the offer proposed to the individual is called credit to the consumption. There are different types of consumer credit with rates more or less advantageous, the one that […]